“The Kasai Area”

A Hub for Business and Tourism

Kasai is an area situated to the east of the center of Tokyo, Japan’s capital.

It’s about an hour from Narita Airport and 40 minutes from Haneda Airport by direct bus. With the very center of the city reachable in about 15 minutes by subway, Kasai is a well-connected location.

The district is known for having a high number of international tourists, with numerous business hotels located around Kasai Station.

Nearby attractions include Tokyo Disney Resort and Kasai Rinkai Park. Given its easy access to the center of Tokyo, many travelers choose Kasai as their base for sightseeing around the city.
There are also many dining options in the area, centered around Kasai Station.
You can find Japanese food, sushi, ramen, yakiniku (self-BBQ restaurants), as well as Chinese, French, and Italian cuisine. Naturally, you’ve also got your burger joints and family restaurants. Kasai lets you enjoy Japanese food culture at a more reasonable cost compared with the very center of Tokyo.

Introducing Kasai’s Restaurants

Washoku Kappo Gin (Japanese Cuisine)

TEL:03-5679-9370  Our restaurant serves traditional Japanese cuisine. Japan is a country with significant seasonal changes, and our ingredients vary depending on the time of year. We meticulously prepare these carefully selected ingredients using methods rooted in Japanese culinary culture and technique.